Pumpkin SculptrVR $100 Halloween Contest

If you’re a HTC Vive / SteamVR user, SculptrVR have released a free Halloween-special version of their VR world-building experience; “Pumpkin SculptrVR”. Pumpkin Sculpting is almost here!#FREE #PumpkinCarving #SquashChiseling #AdvancedBatAI #HTCVivehttps://t.co/63d2ehdgAH pic.twitter.com/O6l1yuQGLc — Pumpkin SculptrVR (@SculptrVR) October 21, 2016 Pumpkin SculptrVR allows you to hollow-out the voxels of your very own virtual Jack-o-lanterns complete with … Continue reading “Pumpkin SculptrVR $100 Halloween Contest”