Condor 2 VR HTC Vive Settings

Even if you’re a hardened VR Flight Simulator fan, you may not have come across Condor Soaring 2 yet. Condor 2 is a specialized gliding (sailplane) simulator which has a loyal following among real-world glider pilots. The major difference between Condor 2 and other mainstream flight simulators is the simulation of the air mass and … Continue reading “Condor 2 VR HTC Vive Settings”

HTC Vive 6mm VR Cover Review

When you get your first Rift or HTC Vive HMD, you’re supplied with a foam pad that separates your face from the hard plastics of the HMD. The trouble with these pads is that they can wear quickly and soak up all manner of sweat and nastiness from your face during an energetic VR session. … Continue reading “HTC Vive 6mm VR Cover Review”

Portable Vive Base Stations on Photo Light Stands

The HTC Vive Base-Stations provide the magic that allows roomscale VR but if you can’t drill holes in your wall, positioning them can be a conundrum. Perhaps you rent your home and rules say no drilling or perhaps you’d like a portable setup that you can move around at will. Let me share with you … Continue reading “Portable Vive Base Stations on Photo Light Stands”