H3VR Meatgrinder Update is Awesome


The H3VR Meatgrinder update dropped last night. Developer Anton Hand has been teasing us on Twitter with the countdown.  It’s been worth the wait for this special Halloween update.

Early access release 26 of Hotdogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is a special update. It marks the moment H3VR became more than just a guns ‘n’ ammo simulator. There’s now a serious gaming element to it.

Don’t call me Alice.

H3VR Meatgrinder Warnings
These warnings aren’t just for show.

When you next fire up H3VR you’ll see the new ‘MEATGRINDER’ option in the menu. Give it a push and you’ll find yourself in a room full of warning boards with a small table at the end. The warnings are mostly common sense VR practices. Pay special attention to clearing your roomscale space, the action can get wild!

On the small table are two hotdogs with a sign saying “Eat Me”. The only trouble is, you’re not Alice and this isn’t Wonderland.

You’ll next find yourself in a room with a table. On the table are all the worldly goods you’re going to start with.

At least you get a free brain…

You’ll get a firearm and ammo. I swear the first magazine I got only had a few rounds in it. Your mileage may vary. Anything else you need you’ll have to find along the way. There’s a flashlight and also a melee weapon. Over a loudspeaker system, you’ll hear the voice of your sadistic host. Apparently, he’d like you to play a little game…

H3VR Meatgrinder is going to hurt.

I don’t want to drop too many spoilers. The awesomeness of H3VR Meatgrinder is in the surprises. Suffice to say, if it moves in this game, it’s unlikely to be healthy for you.

A couple of hints I will give you. Take your flashlight and put it on one of your upper carrying positions. It will face broadly in the direction you’re facing. You will need your hands for the action! Secondly, when searching filing cabinets, go for the bottom drawers first. Once opened they can be awkward to shut.

A quality VR game.

mechanized-killer-hotdogI thought Hotdogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades was worth the money when it was just a simulator. Now it is a full-on VR action game. You work up a real sweat when you panic, fumble your magazine and drop your melee weapon as one of Anton’s homicidal creations bears down on you.

H3VR Meatgrinder’s game mechanics are much as before. I’ve been using the “menu button to slide” locomotion. With the smooth start-stop sliding, I’ve experienced little of the wobbly-knees. I did find a difference in the 4-way touchpad menu. It seems I have to pull the Vive controller trigger to select the menu item.

The graphics are good as ever. It’s worth stopping to check out the wall posters and demotivationals. Even though the game has you on the clock, they’re very entertaining.

H3VR early access is currently $19.99 on Steam.

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