Condor 2 VR HTC Vive Settings

Condor 2 VR Settings for HTC Vive and Revive

Even if you’re a hardened VR Flight Simulator fan, you may not have come across Condor Soaring 2 yet. Condor 2 is a specialized gliding (sailplane) simulator which has a loyal following among real-world glider pilots.

The major difference between Condor 2 and other mainstream flight simulators is the simulation of the air mass and weather upon which sailplanes depend for flight.

Condor 2 VR

Condor 2’s most recent version, 2.0.5 now includes VR support! The much anticipated VR mode for Condor 2 comes about ten months after the initial release of versions 2.

The VR support has been developed to be used with the Oculus Rift SDK. It is, however, possible to use Condor 2 VR with the HTC Vive via Revive.

Before you can use Condor 2 VR, you need to update to the latest (2.0.5) version downloadable from Condor Soaring.

Condor Soaring VR with Revive

In order to get Condor 2 VR working with the HTC Vive, you will need to install the Revive compatibility layer from LibreVR as well as Oculus Home.

To install Revive, it is best to carefully follow the installation instructions found here.

Once installed, you need to launch Condor using the Revive ‘inject’ feature.

To do this, find the triangular Revive logo in the system tray and right click it. You should see the ‘Inject’ menu item.

You can then pick the Condor 2 Desktop Shortcut which will then launch.

To activate VR, go to Setup > Graphics. There you should find a checkbox for “Oculus Rift”. Make sure this is checked. The “Mirror rendering” checkbox is optional; it has the effect of reproducing the VR viewpoint on your computer monitor.

Hit ‘OK’ and then test out the configuration by selecting Free Flight, Flight School or Multiplayer to launch the simulator.

Black Screen with Vive and Condor 2

The first time I ran Condor 2 with the HTC Vive, I encountered an unusual VR environment.

While the environment was almost totally black, I had the Steam VR chaperone present and hitting ‘escape’ produced the in-simulator options menu rendered in 3d-space.

The problem appears to lie with Condor 2’s multisample anti-aliasing options.

Using Condor 2 with Revive and Steam VR seems to only work for me if MSAA is turned completely off in the Condor settings.

To change this in the launcher, go to Setup > Graphics and change “MSAA supersampling” to “Disabled”.

Condor 2 Vive MSAA
Condor 2 VR MSAA supersampling disabled to avoid black screen on HTC Vive

Hopefully relaunching one of the simulator modes will now place you in a VR glider cockpit, ready to do some realistic virtual reality soaring!

Have you got Condor 2 VR working with your HTC Vive? Let us know in the comments below!

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