H3VR Meatgrinder Update is Awesome

The H3VR Meatgrinder update dropped last night. Developer Anton Hand has been teasing us on Twitter with the countdown.  It’s been worth the wait for this special Halloween update. Early access release 26 of Hotdogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is a special update. It marks the moment H3VR became more than just a guns ‘n’ … Continue reading “H3VR Meatgrinder Update is Awesome”

Portable Vive Base Stations on Photo Light Stands

The HTC Vive Base-Stations provide the magic that allows roomscale VR but if you can’t drill holes in your wall, positioning them can be a conundrum. Perhaps you rent your home and rules say no drilling or perhaps you’d like a portable setup that you can move around at will. Let me share with you … Continue reading “Portable Vive Base Stations on Photo Light Stands”

Pumpkin SculptrVR $100 Halloween Contest

If you’re a HTC Vive / SteamVR user, SculptrVR have released a free Halloween-special version of their VR world-building experience; “Pumpkin SculptrVR”. Pumpkin Sculpting is almost here!#FREE #PumpkinCarving #SquashChiseling #AdvancedBatAI #HTCVivehttps://t.co/63d2ehdgAH pic.twitter.com/O6l1yuQGLc — Pumpkin SculptrVR (@SculptrVR) October 21, 2016 Pumpkin SculptrVR allows you to hollow-out the voxels of your very own virtual Jack-o-lanterns complete with … Continue reading “Pumpkin SculptrVR $100 Halloween Contest”